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Construction Project

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Powertec offer comprehensive electric power solutions to the construction site. According to special requirement of construction site,single Genset or multi-gensets with synchronizations,cluster power station will be provided.


Customer Situation


1、Used as main power.

2、Ambient temperature is -15℃ to 40℃, altitude is less than 1000 meters

3、Outdoor or temporary structure.

4、Working environment is special.

5、Electrical load is special.




1、According to practical working environment or working condition, configuration will be adjusted or external auxiliary equipment will be added. a. Mounting water heater or oil heater b.Improve cool capacity of radiator to meet high temperature environment.

2、As for temporary generator room,Powertec provides easy installing single Genset. Purging system with a support with be mounted on Genset, base fuel tank will be added.Once diesel fuel is filled and cable is connected electric power will be supplied.As for the great load, Powertec will use parallel Gensets working plan.The synchronization system will be planted next to Gensets. So that synchronization cabinet is unnecessary to add. As for outdoor working,Powertec will provides silent type Genset or cluster power station.A trailer will be mounted under the base of Genset if there a mobile working circumstance is required.

3、Genset configuration can be adjusted depend on the special circumstance. Such as: a. add heavy type air filters to prevent sand and dust. b.Improve IP of silent type Genset to prevent damage of rats of other animals. C.  Add oil-water separator to ensure the good quality of fuel.

4、As for special load such as tower crane, elevator, pile driver and etc,  a suitable Genset to meet to the practical power demand will be recommend.