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Air Port And Terminal

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Powertec offer comprehensive electric power solutions to the terminal port. According to special requirement of terminal port,silent type Genset special for RTG, dual speed and frequency conversion system,ATS and etc will be provided by Powertec.


Customer Situation


1、Ambient temperature is -15℃ to 40℃, altitude is less than 1000 meters.

2、coastal,serious corrosion condition.

3、Special equipment,requirement of high emission and consumption saving.




1、According to practical working environment or working condition, configuration will be adjusted or external auxiliary equipment will be added. a. Mounting water heater or oil heater b.Improve cool capacity of radiator to meet high temperature environment.

2、As for marine climate, the radiator of Genset receive special salinization prevention treatment ,cooper core is tin plated, rack as well as other hardware are used galvanized processing. Genset winding is special treated as marine standard, air intake filter is added to the Genset and anti-condensation heater is mounted inside the Genset.

3、As for special equipment of RTG terminal port, Powertec will customize silent type Genset special for RTG of the terminal port,which has simple construction, leak-proof and water-proof.Sandblasting on metal surface to SA2.5, Three layers of the bottom is painted, the total thickness is 250 microns. The Genset is adopted with EuroⅢ engine.

4、Powertec research and develop dual peed and frequency conversion system for the RTG hoisting container.The generator set work at full speed when RTGC is lifting containers.When RTGC is on non-load condition, generator set will despin and it still supply power for auxiliaries. Base on this method , this system can save energy.

5、As for the problem caused by RTG fuel being instead of electric power, Powertec research and develop electric power easy conversion system to achieve the balance of automatic,steady,continuous conversion between fuel and electric power.It is easy to operate and will much save the time of conversion.

6、Powertec research and develop increased hybrid system for RTG given to the practical situation of RTG hoisting container. Small power Genset is competent to the load of big power Genset thanks to the super battery pack. It will be more simple and high Impact resistance and fuel saving rate is as high as 63%.