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Data Center

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Powertec offer comprehensive electric power solutions to the data center.According to special requirement of data center,multi-Gensets with synchronization will be concentrated to generate more power, strict emission approved and good anti-electromagnetism will be supplied.


Customer Situation


1、Used as standby power with automatic start.

2、Ambient temperature is -15℃ to 40℃, altitude is less than 1000 meters.

3、Power demanded is great, power supply need to be flexible.

4、Need to centralized monitoring and control.

5、High reliability ,good anti-electromagnetism.




1、ATS is provided in Powertec standard equipment working with ATS cabinet in distribution room to realize the function of automatic starting when city power is off.Ensure power supplying when nobody is on guard.

2、According to practical working environment or working condition, configuration will be adjusted or external auxiliary equipment will be added. Such as a. Mounting water heater or oil heater b. Strengthen air intake to provide enough air for the Genset in the air intake-lacking room. C. As for the air intake critically insufficient room, remote water tank or outer loop cooling tower will be used.

3、According to the practical loading of the users,mostly, single Genset is hard to meet to requirement of the loading.Powertec will provide multi-Gensets with synchronization,which will automatically work parallelly or independently according to the practical loading.Ensure power supplying and save the consumption.

4、Powertec provides 485 interfaces and communication protocol.It will be easy to monitor Genset working status in control room.

5、Engine and alternator of the Genset will be international famous brands and receive strict inspection by Powertec. Besides,there is an standby working genset will be installed in the generator room and each Genset adopts dual redundant design.The alternator is PMG (permanent magnet ) , good anti-electromagnetism and strong impact resistance.


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