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Room environmental noise reduction:


· Air inflow noise reduction system

· Air outflow noise reduction system

· Smoke cleaning apparatus

· Hang ceiling sound-absorbing wall

· Fireproofing sound-insulation door


 1、 Noise insulation and elimination combined technical proposal will be adopted base on the character of Genset noise. Sound insulation--Generator Room will be sealed to insulate noise spreading.


2、Noise elimination--Ventilation between Generator Room and outside, air in the vent will be noise eliminated. Then exhaust the air after the noise has attenuated. The principle is: Genset noise waves incoming to polyporous, ventilate extra-fine glass wool ,it will enter into the wool and cause vibration of air and fibre in the material. Most noise energy will transform into heat energy because of frictional resistance and thermal properties of fibre.
To meet the environmental demands, Generator Room comprehensive treatment measures will be taken as follow:


* Noise insulation and elimination will be adopted at the walls and hang ceiling in Genset room and limit the the noise in Genset room.

* Forced air intake and exhaust flue,  cooling flue will be installed, air for the working Genset will be replenished and high temperature gas inside the room will be discharged in time.Improve Genset working circumstance to increase the service life.

* A silencer will be installed in air intake and exhaust flue and two heavier mufflers will be installed at smoke vent to reduce noise at outdoor.

* By this treatment,noise in Genset room will comply to the standard ofstandard of environmental noise of urban area.






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