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Suitable for standby generator set maintenance : Place such as residential area, building, hospital, office unit, the scenic area, factory is seldom power cut, standby Genset suit for this routine maintenance which is only used for emergency, blackout overhaul and etc.


Maintenance:On the basis of daily maintenance, every six months or a year to do a total maintenance.


1、Comprehensively check the water, electricity,oil and gas of the Genset to confirm if Genset is OK;

2、Test Genset running for 5 to 10 minutes without any load to have sufficient lubrication. Determine the Genset status by listen,inspection,smell and other methods.

3、Replace filter element of air-filter,diesel-filter,oil-filter,water-filter, oil-water separator and other consumptive material.

4、Replace coolant in the radiator or water tank protector;

5、Add battery fluid or aqua distillate;

6、Double check the Genset after maintain and clean it;

7、Test Genset running for 5 to 10 minutes without any load and record every parameters of ever performance, put forward valuable suggestions, then it is customer acceptance;


Suitable for long time running generator set maintenance:  Places like construction sites,  factory of frequent blackouts, load-lack transformer,project testing,city power can’t reach uaually need long time running Genset;


A-level maintenance checks:(50-80 hours)plus the following items base on Routine Maintenance


1、Clean air-filter and replace it if it’s necessary;

2、Replace  diesel-filter,air-filter,water-filter;

3、Check the drive belt tension;

4、Add lubricant oil to all oil fillers and point of lubrication;

5、Replace cooling water;


B-level maintenance checks:(250-300 hours)plus the following items base on Routine Maintenance and A-level maintenance checks,


1、Clean piston,piston pin,cylinder liner,piston ring,connecting rod bearing and check the wear condition;

2、Check if any looseness occurs at main bearing of rolling;

3、Clean the scale or sediment in the conduit of cooling water;

4、Clean deposited carbon in the combustor and air intake & outlet flue;

5、Check the wear of valve, valve seat,push rod and rocker arm and grind them;

6、Wash deposited carbon in the rotor of turbocharger,check the wear of bearing, impeller and replace it if is necessary;

7、Check the bolts which connect alternator and engine, if it’s loose or slippage and replace them;


C-level maintenance checks:(500-1000 hours)plus the following items base on Routine Maintenance and A-level maintenance checks,B-level maintenance checks


1、Check and adjust the injector;

2、Wash the fuel tank;

3、Wash the oil pan;

4、Check the atomizing condition of sprayer;


Maintenance Notes


1、People responsible for the generator maintenance should carefully read the Genset Operation and Maintenance Manual  provided by manufacturer and maintain according to the relevant technical requirements;

2、Insulated resistance between the winding and against ground should be measured if Genset hasn’t been working for long time or being in wet condition. The insulation value should not less than 1.5MΩ.  And note that disconnect the start-up battery negative terminal before the measurement;

3、Aperiodically clean the dust and oily dirty depend on the Genset condition;

4、The generator must not be affected with damp.Metal fragments, moisture and other harmful gas should be prevent form getting into generator.When generator is working , ensure that ventilation is good,there must no covering be on the Genset in case of the cooling and ventilation being affected;

5、Battery of the Genset should be far from fire, when it’s charging or working,ensure that ventilation is good;