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Canopy designed by ourselves has advantages as follow:

1. Base on past experience,the structure has been designed to be more effective on leak-proof and water-proof.

2. Sandblasting on metal surface to SA2.5, Three layers of the bottom is painted, the total thickness is 250 microns.

3. Using strengthen steel component.

4. Using removable structure,more convenient to maintain.


Dual Speed and Frequency Converion Power Supply

  The dual speed energy-saving system is designed,made and installed by Powertec,which is applied for rubber tyred gantry crane(RTCG,as below)at the terminal ports.The generator set work at full speed when RTGC is lifting containers.When RTGC is on non-load condition, generator set will despin and it still supply power for auxiliaries. Base on this method , this system can save energy.



Intelligent Uninterrupted System for Ertg with Diesel Generator Set.(IPTS)

  One push by the operator to non-break transfer power supply from mains to generator or reverse. It is an easy operation,safety, reliable and efficient system.