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diesel genset has the characteristic of rain-proof,low noise and the ventilation is well ensured.It can be installed at outside to save space. Adopting modularized design, compact structure is easy to install and transport. Careful and meticulous design guarantee the stability and reliability for the users.

Using modular structure, convenient to maintenance;

Control space, inspection window is design in the operation panel;

At the bottom of the canopy is equipped with the drainage outlet, oil discharge mouth, vent and etc;

Independent output switch box is on the canopy , easy to connect to electric cable;

Canopy is made by steel, painted with zinc phosphate ,outermost layer is sprayed with polyester power,ability to resist corrosion is strong;

All screws,locks are made with stainless materials;

Level of noise: 85dba / 1meters , 75dba/7 meters

Detail Introduction: Standard Silent Generators.pdf

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