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Chongqing Cummins Engine power calibration guidelines

Date:2016-2-14 18:47:50

The standby power is the instantaneous maximum power of the standby power supply. Using the standby power, the engine has no overload capacity. Can not be connected with the grid operation.
This calibration ensures that the standby power can be used effectively. Standby power calibration of the engine, according to the average load rate of 80% to use, not more than 200 hours a year. At the time of use of spare power point not more than 25 hours a year. The instantaneous power of the actual use must not exceed the calibrated standby power. When helping users to power matching, it should be ruled out the possibility of excessive instantaneous power.
Commonly used power can be used to replace commercial power grid power. Commonly used power must be used in accordance with the following two types of.
No time limit operation power
According to the commonly used power calibration engine, can effectively change the load without time limit to use. In the running cycle of every 250 hours, the mean value of the variable load can not exceed 70% of the power used in the calibration.
Within a year, the entire running time of 100% power is not more than 500 hours.
Within 12 hours of the operating cycle, there are 1 hours of effective overload capacity of 10%. Within a year, the full time of overload 10% runs for no more than 25 hours.
Limit run power
According to the usual power calibration of the engine, can be no time limit to run in the same load purposes. Applications such as low power output and limited output power. Under the premise of power will not exceed the common power calibration, within a year can be connected to run 750 hours. In any case to allow users to understand that long-term high load operation will shorten the engine life. For more than 750 hours of grid operation in any one year, use the continuous power calibration of the engine.
Continuous power is the power that can be used in the time of calibration load and no time limit. According to the continuous power calibration engine without overload capacity.
Reference standard:
BS-5514 and DIN-6271 standards based on ISO-3046.
Ambient temperature and altitude:
The engine can operate in the following conditions, and the power does not need to be adjusted:
The engine speed is 1800r/min, the altitude is lower than 1525m (5000ft), the ambient temperature is lower than 40 C (104 degrees F).
The engine speed is 1500r/min, the altitude is lower than 1525m (5000ft), the ambient temperature is lower than 40 C (104 degrees F).
Engine beyond the operating conditions, the altitude above 1525m (5000 ft), every increase of 300m (1000ft), power down 4%; ambient temperature higher than 40 DEG C (104 degrees F), each 11 C increase power down 2% (increased 10 degrees F, down 1%).

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