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Congratulations to Powertec won the gensets tender of Vanke

Date:2016-8-1 16:10:31

In September 2014, Powertec got the Vanke tender winner notification for supplying 4 units of diesel genset and also providing the genset installation to Vanke Foshan Crystal City.

As one of the biggest property developer company in China, the trust that Vanke Group place in Powertec is fully illustrates the power of us. Here we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for the trust of Vanke.

The successful bidding cannot do without the correct decision of the company leadership and the full cooperation of Powertec members, even more the support of our customers. Thanks for letting us full of motivation! All Powertec members will make persistent efforts to reach the new heights!

At last, hoping we can build a long business relationship!

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