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Powertec deals 20 units Gensets of e-RTG Power Pack with ZPMC

Date:2016-8-1 16:12:51

Powertec Generator System Company currently signed a contract with ZPMC for supplying 20 unit genset of e-RTG Power Pack, and the contract equipments will be delivered before November, 2014.

We started the cooperation with ZPMC in 2008 by the nice public praise and good quality. For the past few years, the Genset of Powertec are well acknowledged by more and more oversea customers, along with the world wide application of ZPMC port equipments.
According to the contract, those gensets will install the Intelligent Power Transfer System (IPTS) which is the Powertec patent technology for E-RTG transition in the container terminal. With the popular of modifying the RTG to E-RTG in China, Powertec IPTS system is widely used and recommended by a bunch of customers cause the good economic effectiveness.

The gensets of Powertec will be equipped with the ZPMC e-RTG for the project of Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT). The following advantages make YICT as the important portal for Chinese import and export trading business: a natural deepwater wharf; 16 deepwater berth; 3,730,000 m2 coverage of the container yard; cooperation with 40 international shipping company; offering 100 steamer line per week to the world wide main ports. YICT is the subdivision of Hutchison Ports Holdings Trust which was the first global Business Trust for container terminal and has been listing in Singapore Stock Exchange. In addition, YICT shares the Hutchison Group resources of with each Hutchison subordinate port and logistic company as a member of Hutchison Ports Group in the International Network.

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