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Congratulations Paul generator sets up to get Evergrande procurement projects

Date:2016-8-1 16:14:27

Autumn September, after reaching cooperation with Vanke Group, Paul reached and then with Chinese real estate enterprises - Evergrande work together to Qinzhou Hengda Oasis commercial buildings and two provide a PDW607S diesel generator sets and associated works.

Evergrande Real Estate Group is a real estate planning, design, development and construction, property management, real estate in one of the modern large-scale integrated enterprise, for five consecutive years topped the Chinese real estate enterprises ten. China has a qualified real estate development companies, design and planning qualification Institute of Chinese architecture, a qualified Chinese construction company, China a qualified property management company. China has now developed into one of the most influential real estate companies.

The cooperation with Hengda Real Estate, full protection of strength, I believe the future will be an endless stream of cooperation with Evergrande. 



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