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have a happy vacation of National Day.

Writer:powertecDate:2016-9-30 17:31:26
As Chinese National Day is coming, flowers blooming like a piece of brocade ,sky of the motherland is full of music tides .Glory days past quickly in the menory.Vicissitudes life of Chinese has changes drastically.  Our great motherland ushered her annual virthday again in 2016 soon.
People Republic of China is outstanding in the east world like an Chinese huge dragon.This is the day of joy and cheerful.Blooming flowers looks more beautiful,grass grows more greenly and birds fly more happily in this day. Just same with the festival city , all staff of Powertec Generator Sysem Co.,Ltd are particularly excited and enjoyable upon the arrival of the National Day.
Our vacation is from date os 1st to 6th, Oct 2016. We will come back to work at 7th ,Oct 2016.Please forgive us for the inconvenience caused during the holiday. We sincerely thank you for your concern and support and may you have a happy vacation of National Day.
If you need our service for the genset in an emergency during the vacation ,please contact us with this line: 0755-88852224 or 0752-3911116.

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