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Typhoon Is Coming, POWERTEC Is Preparing

Writer:powertecSource:原创 Date:2019-8-23 10:44:36

Tomorrow is the 14th solar term Limit of Heat in Chinese calender. But abhorrent hot weather still wandering and it is especially hot these days.

Do you know why?

Because she is on the her way to us.

Who is she?A pretty girl?


Its Typhoon which has a girls name BailuTake is coming.

Yes, it is Typhoon increase the temperature these few days.Damn hot!

As typhoon came ashore with a vengeance,

do you get everything electric power ready to fight against BaiLu?

How will you do what if the city power is outage and electric power is required urgently?

Dont worry.

We got POWERTEC diesel generator set standby and provide electric power to us.

We have soundproof and rainproof type diesel generator set to fight against Typhoon.

No matter how powerful and violent the typhoon is,

It will be defeat with the most effective weapon POWERTEC diesel generator set.

POWERTEC diesel generator set has good quality and reliable performance in all-weather.