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POWERTEC Attended Vietnam Import and Export Fair

Writer:powertecSource:原创 Date:2019-9-4 16:39:01

China(Guangdong)-Vietnam Import and Export Fair was hold by Guangdong Commerce Department.Thank to the trust and support of Huiyang goverment, ss one of the three selected outstanding company in Huiyang POWERTEC took this great honor attended the fair on 28th Aug,2019 at No.A-12 Booth, in Hanoi Vietnam. 


 In this Fair, POWERTEC showed different type diesel generator set to local visitors and a real open type diesel generator set was displayed on the exhibition. While a series of professional,constructive advise and solution were offered to the visitors in the regards of diesel generator set power requirement, cost, usage. 


In the 3 days of exhibition,booth of POWERTEC is very busy and attracted a lot of visitor. POWERTEC stuffs were incisively and vividly explaining and showing the unique feature and advantage of POWERTEC diesel generator set. Many clients who is interested consulted a lot of detail from our booth. From this exhibition, POWERTEC was acquainted by more people in Vietnam with our good quality, competitive price, considerate after-service of genset.


Through this fair, we harvested a lot. When communicated with clients who is in diesel generator line, we also achieved agreement on cooperation with them in the future and acquired the latest market of diesel generator set. Sincerely hope to open up Vietnam market by this opportunity and supply more excellent diesel genset to contribute development of Vietnam.


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