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2019 Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Schedule

Writer:powertecSource:原创 Date:2019-9-12 15:13:42



Dear all, Powertec Generator System Co., Ltd. Mid-Autumn holiday time:

There is a three-day holiday on September 13 (Friday) to September 15 (Sunday).

Please understand that the inconvenience caused by the holiday!

If your generator set needs emergency service during the holidays,

Please call 0755-88852224

I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Powertec reminds everyone that set off early to avoid congested roads and travel safely during the holidays.




The rivers and mountains may change, but friendship remains the same.

Spring passes by and autumn comes along, yet flowers blossom and fall.

With gentle breezes and slight chill hinting of autumn, the Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us again,

we couldn't help starting to miss our beloved person at this special moment.

Best wishes to you and your family have a successful career, good health, everything gratified and happy every day!



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