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  diesel genset has the characteristics of water-proof ,sound-proof as well as good performance of ventilation. It is specially apply for big power generator set.With standard container size the Gen-set is convenient for transportation and loading. It will be easy operating in parallel to built power plants with the container structure.

 High Reliability

1、Container is constructed with  Electro-galvanized steel and has high resistance to corrosion,scratch and rust.

2、The door locks, hinges also have good resistance to corrosion, and rust because of stainless steel. Access door lock is designed same with container lock which is sturdy,durable and has high level of protection.



1、Mute cotton is made with environmentally friendly,  flame-resistant material.

2、Covered by galvanized steel screen,Double emergency stop button with collision protection.

3、Suction silencers equip with rat proofing mesh to prevent small animals entrance and damage.


 User-Friendly Design

  External discharge pipe insures cleanliness of container inside for easier daily maintenance.Oil filler is designed at surface.External fuel display for fuel monitoring easily.