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Genset Model Definition

Example :













The first P abbreviation for POWERTEC





























The second abbreviation for Engine Supplier’s code name





























The third indicates Genset standby power(kva)





























The fourth indicates Genset Type





























The fifth indicates specific model of engine





























The Sixth indicates specific model of alternator































The Fourth,“letter”indicates Genset type:

A. Open type diesel generator set with base fuel tank

B. Open type diesel generator set without base fuel tank

C. Open type diesel generator set which can be mounted with soundproof canopy (Diesel Genset with big fuel tank)

D.Silent type diesel generator set

E.Diesel generator set with rainproof canopy (Diesel generator set apply in out door)

F.Container type diesel generator set

G.Modeled RTG special used silent type diesel generator set

X.Customized open type diesel generator set

Y.Customized canopy type diesel generator set

             POWERTEC Diesel Genset Model Definition.  See the link

UK Perkins engine Co.,Ltd was found by British entrepreneurs Frank at Peterborough England in 1932.It is the one of top engine manufacture in the world , an outstanding company in the market of 4kw to 2000kw(5 to 2800hp) off-road diesel engine and natural gas engine. Perkins is good at  customize engine according to the requirement by the clients and totally satisfy their special demand.Their product is well trusted by most equipment manufacturer.


Basic Characteristics of Perkins Serials Diesel Generator Set


All series powered by the Perkins engine, modern technique, dependable performance,high combustion efficiency and low fuel consumption, long time continuous running, long working life, and Easy to maintain. Conform to the standard of IS03046.


All series adopt alternator of Stamford / Marathon/ Faraday/Engga; Excellent excitation characteristics, Ensure that the genset can withstand high power load moment, small Voltage fluctuation, quickly recover. Conform to the standard of GB755,BS5000,IEC34-1,CSA22.2,AS2359.

Controller System

All series use automatic Powertec GC6110 as controller, Integrating digital, intelligent, network technology,use for a single diesel generator set automation and monitoring system,implement a automatic starting/stopping ,the data measured, Alarm protection function of the genset.
Optional brand:Deepsea or Comay.


Standard 40℃ ambient temperature online radiator, Closed water circulation cooling system, ensure the rated power output of under high temperature environment.

Steel Welding Base shock absorber

Inbuilt shock absorber, perfect shock absorption.performance, Easy installation and transport
No need to install shock pad on the connection of base foundation and fixed.


Diesel Generator Set Performance Parameters

Diesel Generator Set Performance Parameters
230/400VAC,50HZ 0.8PF 3 Phase 4 wires output(Electric Speed Control)
Frequency drop ≤3% Voltage modulation ≤0.3%
Steady state frequency ≤0.5% Steady state voltage deviation ≤±1%
Transient frequency deviation ≤+10% ≤-7% Transient voltage deviation ≤+20% ≤-15%
Frequency recovery time ≤3S voltage recovery time ≤1S(Voltage±3%)
THF <3
TIF <50 Conform to the standard of NEMA MG1-22.43


Standard Detection Function

Standard Detection Function

3 phases voltage Ua,Ub,Uc 3 phases current La,Lb,Lc
Frequency F1 Active power PA
Apparent power PR Power factor PF
Coolant temperature WT ℃ display
Oil pressure OP kPa/Psi/Bar display
Speed RPM Battery voltage :V
HC timer records 99999 hours The maximum cumulative times of starting can reach 999999


Supplied Accessories and Optional Items

Supplied Accessories

◆Silencer、bellows、exhaust bend,Battery connect wire

Optional Items

Silent/trailer type genset
Oil water separator
Heat exchanger—water tower cooling system
Low water level, low fuel oil warning function
Genset environmental protection
◆Mains supply monitoring automatic control system
600L or 1000L Storage fuel tank
BAC 06 battery charger


Genset Model

Rated Power

Engine Model

Detailed Parameter




7 8 403A-11(无锡) PPE10A 403A-11(无锡)
PPE10A 7 8 403D-11(无锡) PPE10A 403D-11(无锡)
PPE15A 10 11 403A-15(无锡) PPE15A 403A-15(无锡)
PPE15A 10 11 403D-15(无锡) PPE15A 403D-15(无锡)
PPE20A 12 13 403A-15(无锡) PPE20A 403A-15(无锡)
PPE25A 16 18 404A-22(无锡) PPE25A 404A-22(无锡)
PPE25A 16 18 404D-22(无锡) PPE25A 404D-22(无锡)
PPE30A 22 24 404D-22T(无锡) PPE30A 404D-22T(无锡)
PPE35A 24 26 1103A-33(UK) PPE35A 1103A-33(UK)
PPE35A 24 26 1103A-33(India) PPE35A 1103A-33(India)
PPE50A 36 40 1103A-33T(UK) PPE50A 1103A-33T(UK)
PPE50A 36 40 1103A-33T(India) PPE50A 1103A-33T(India)
PPE70A 48 53 1103A-33T(UK) PPE70A 1103A-33T(UK)
PPE70A 48 53 1103A-33T(India) PPE70A 1103A-33T(India)
PPE75A 52 58 1104A-44T(无锡) PPE75A 1104A-44T(无锡)
PPE90A 64 70 1104A-44T(无锡) PPE90A 1104A-44T(无锡)
PPE90A 64 70 1104C-44TA(无锡) PPE90A 1104C-44TA(无锡)
PPE110A 80 88 1104C-44TA(无锡) PPE110A 1104C-44TA(无锡)
PPE150A 108 120 1106A-70TG(无锡) PPE150A 1106A-70TG(无锡)
PPE165A 120 132 1106A-70TAG(无锡) PPE165A 1106A-70TAG(无锡)
PPE200A 144 160 1106A-70TAG(无锡) PPE200A 1106A-70TAG(无锡)
PPE220A 160 176 1106A-70TAG(无锡) PPE220A 1106A-70TAG(无锡)
PPE220A 160 176 1206A-E70TTAG1(UK/EP) PPE220A 1206A-E70TTAG1(UK/EP)
PPE250A 180 200 1206A-E70TTAG2(UK/EP) PPE250A 1206A-E70TTAG2(UK/EP)
PPE275A 200 220 1206A-E70TTAG3(UK/EP) PPE275A 1206A-E70TTAG3(UK/EP)
PPE220A 160 176 1206D-E70TTAG1(UK/EP) PPE220A 1206D-E70TTAG1(UK/EP)
PPE250A 180 200 1206D-E70TTAG2(UK/EP) PPE250A 1206D-E70TTAG2(UK/EP)
PPE275A 200 220 1206D-E70TTAG3(UK/EP) PPE275A 1206D-E70TTAG3(UK/EP)
PPE330A 240 264 1506A-E88TAG5(USA/EU) PPE330A 1506A-E88TAG5(USA/EU)
PPE340B 245 270 1706A-E93TAG1(USA/EU) PPE340B 1706A-E93TAG1(USA/EU)
PPE375B 275 300 1706A-E93TAG2(USA/EU) PPE375B 1706A-E93TAG2(USA/EU)
PPE400B 280 320 2206C-E13TAG2(USA/EU) PPE400B 2206C-E13TAG2(USA/EU)
PPE450B 320 360 2206C-E13TAG3(USA/EU) PPE450B 2206C-E13TAG3(USA/EU)
PPE500B 360 400 2506C-E15TAG1(USA/EU) PPE500B 2506C-E15TAG1(USA/EU)
PPE550B 400 440 2506C-E15TAG2(USA/EU) PPE550B 2506C-E15TAG2(USA/EU)
PPE650B 473 520 2806C-E18TAG1A(USA/EU) PPE650B 2806C-E18TAG1A(USA/EU)
PPE700B 520 560 2806A-E18TAG2(USA/EU) PPE700B 2806A-E18TAG2(USA/EU)
PPE785B 570 627 2806A-E18TTAG4(USA/EP) PPE785B 2806A-E18TTAG4(USA/EP)
PPE850B 617 678 2806A-E18TTAG5(USA/EP) PPE850B 2806A-E18TTAG5(USA/EP)
PPE825B 600 660 4006-23TAG2A(UK) PPE825B 4006-23TAG2A(UK)
PPE825B 600 660 4006-23TAG2A(India) PPE825B 4006-23TAG2A(India)
PPE900B 640 720 4006-23TAG3A(UK) PPE900B 4006-23TAG3A(UK)
PPE900B 640 720 4006-23TAG3A(India) PPE900B 4006-23TAG3A(India)
PPE1000B 720 800 4008TAG1A(UK) PPE1000B 4008TAG1A(UK)
PPE1000B 720 800 4008TAG1A(India) PPE1000B 4008TAG1A(India)
PPE1100B 800 880 4008TAG2A(UK) PPE1100B 4008TAG2A(UK)
PPE1100B 800 880 4008TAG2A(India) PPE1100B 4008TAG2A(India)
PPE1250B 900 1000 4008-30TAG3(UK) PPE1250B 4008-30TAG3(UK)
PPE1250B 900 1000 4008-30TAG3(India) PPE1250B 4008-30TAG3(India)
PPE1375B 1000 1100 4012-46TWG2A(UK) PPE1375B 4012-46TWG2A(UK)
PPE1375B 1000 1100 4012-46TWG2A(India) PPE1375B 4012-46TWG2A(India)
PPE1500B 1100 1200 4012-46TWG3A(UK) PPE1500B 4012-46TWG3A(UK)
PPE1650B 1200 1320 4012-46TAG2A(UK) PPE1650B 4012-46TAG2A(UK)
PPE1650B 1200 1320 4012-46TAG2A(India) PPE1650B 4012-46TAG2A(India)
PPE1875B 1350 1500 4012-46TAG3A(UK) PPE1875B 4012-46TAG3A(UK)
PPE1875B 1350 1500 4012-46TAG3A(India) PPE1875B 4012-46TAG3A(India)
PPE2000B 1480 1600 4016TAG1A(UK) PPE2000B 4016TAG1A(UK)
PPE2000B 1480 1600 4016TAG1A(India) PPE2000B 4016TAG1A(India)
PPE2250B 1600 1800 4016TAG2A(UK) PPE2250B 4016TAG2A(UK)
PPE2250B 1600 1800 4016TAG2A(India) PPE2250B 4016TAG2A(India)
PPE2500B 1800 2000 4016-61TRG3(UK) PPE2500B 4016-61TRG3(UK)
PPE2500B 1800 2000 4016-61TRG3(India) PPE2500B 4016-61TRG3(India)