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Diesel generator set maintenance requirements

Date:2016-2-14 18:49:13

In order to obtain diesel generating set maximum operational safety and service life, for generating unit regular maintenance is very important, if the relevant regulations to strictly abide by the unit maintenance, ensure the unit's performance and avoid damage to the environment. The following is the maintenance requirements of diesel generator sets:
Class a maintenance (daily)
B level maintenance (250 hours)
C level maintenance (1500 hours)
D level maintenance (4500 hours)
Daily check
- lubricating oil surface, or lubricating oil
- coolant level, or coolant
- fuel oil, lubricating oil, coolant leakage
Belt slack and wear
- fan is damaged
- there is no sound
- there is no abnormal color
- engine oil pressure
- cooling water temperature
- dynamic performance
Weekly check
- inlet resistance indicator, or replace the air filter element
- let the fuel tank in water and sediment
- remove the fuel filter of the water and sediment

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