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Paul Greenview Group signed up with generators supply contract

Date:2016-8-1 16:17:55

September 2014, Paul reached a new high, up to and Greenview Paul wholly-owned subsidiary of City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. signed a Greenview station PCK800S with a Taiwan PCK1100S (3) generator set equipment contracts.

Greenview Greenview Group International Flower invested over 8 billion by the development, to create "the first city in western Guangdong, cosmopolitan model area" in western Guangdong chief eco-mansion. The project is located in the southwest side, and supporting the development of the City area, covering about 1,800 acres, building area of ​​about 3,000,000 square feet. Greenview International Flower east Orange State Ecological Park, South Ridge Park Yong sand crucible, north of Luo River, west of State Road 207, built oversized 232 acres of lake, surrounded by a number of municipal roads wear inside and outside - enjoy "two parks a lake one River Rd "natural landscape and convenient transportation. Greenview International Flower will be playing a set of landscape Meishu, Lakeview houses, high-rise residential, boutique hotel style commercial street, education, medical and a variety of municipal facilities in one, to meet different customer groups and the noble pursuit of large-scale ecological quality residential community.

This collaboration with Greenview Group, fully reflects the insurance of the company's strength, I believe the future of Greenview Group will have long-term opportunities for cooperation, we'll see.

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