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Congratulation on Powertec join in Guangdong Industrial Co-operative Association

Date:2016-8-1 16:09:04

Hereinafter referred to as GICA

On June,2014,Powertec become a member of GICA officially.

GICA not only the first comprehensive province industrial association in Shenzhen, but also one of the three province comprehensive economy association. GICA inherit long history and spiritual philosophy “working in unity and cooperation”, it is the established time longest, most influential associations. From then on,got the care and guidance from country, province leaders, named is Wuwei Li,Xiulian Gu,Deping Hu, Ruihua Lu,Dongshi Cai,Zhigeng Liu etc.On a mission of “Innovation Guangdong, A Great Cause of Gung Ho” and put forward 3 innovation models “Association Operation, Group Operating” ,“Industrial Chain Listed, Cross Industry Equity Alliances”,creating“President Charitable Foundations” to fight “the best organization of innovative models and create newest economy value”

Powertec join in GICA,it is GICA approve Powertec Genset;in the meantime, draw close to self-regulatory organizations with same industry, promote the healthy development of Chinese industry.

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