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Oil pressure fault alarm Analysis Professional fault resolvent from POWERTEC

Writer:powertecDate:2018-4-23 17:31:16

Oil pressure fault alarm of diesel generator set may be caused as:

Fault Causes :

1. Oil level low is too low or no oil in crankcase

2. Engine coolant temperature is keep at a high level,which reduce oil viscosity

3. Oil pressure sensor fault or sensor signal may be short circuit to ground

4. Oil filter blockage causes oil supply shortage

5.  Viscosity of oil does not adjust to generator set working environment.

6. The oil level is proper ,but he oil pressure is low.

7. Coolant or diesel admixed in the oil may caused high oil level alarm.

 Professional fault resolvent from POWERTEC:

 Fault Processing

1.Check the oil dipstick and make sure that oil level is between L and H(H means full oil) after stop genset more than 5 minutes.Please fill with same lubrication to a suitable level if dipstick shows low oil level .

2.Reduce the coolant temperature to a a proper range according to the treatment of high temperature of engine coolant

3.Check out and make sure all connections of pressure sensor are solid and reliable. Record the oil pressure data on control panel when genset is running and compare it with mechanical pressure gauge data.

Pressure sensor should replaced if mechanical pressure gauge data is very different with data on genset control panel.

4.Replace oil filter

5.Inspect technical specifications of oil and replace proper oil according to climatic conditions.

6.Check out  oil cooling nozzle if its over big and relax oil pressure.

7.Oil emulsification is because of  coolant or diesel admixed with lubrication. There might be fault happen in intercooler or piston.

If oil pressure fault alarm  still exist after all above faults are excluded please contact with genset manufacture for assistance.

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