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Destiny Reverser--Nazha

Writer:powertecSource:原创 Date:2019-8-16 16:27:23


A movie names The Coming of the Devil Child Nazha


created a new box office record as 3.7 billion which ranks the fourth in Chinese film history


It seems that miracle can be man-made, and this miracle of movie is still continuing.


My destiny depends on on myself not the fate


This classic line from the movie blow up internet


F**k off its fate


The one that shapes my destiny will always be myself rather than the God.




The quality of the product is not determined by fate or destiny.


It is controlled by ourselves.


POWERTEC has good controlling on diesel generator set producing and testing.


With excellent quality and performance , we have a lot of genset installed in residential quarters,factory, sea ports, air ports,hotel,data center and etc.


We always keep initiate new vision, technology determines development, quality determines survive, and service builds up credit


Walk on our own path.


Become a leader in diesel generator set industry.


Just like Nazha said say good bye to bad diesel generator set.